Políticas de Reservación

On Casa Zopango menu

Local colors and a touch of Mediterranean influence….
Freshly caught fish on the grill, little fried sardines, large variety of season fruits and island-made natural refreshments prepared with love by our islander team dedicated to your happiness!
At Zopango Island, share and exchange with our islander team native from the Asese Bay archipelago.
Be guided for the visit of Zopango very large, sunny and open kitchen, a work space designed with generosity!
Casa Zopango experience is all about enhancing the value of the local cultural skills and sharing it with guests, at dinner, breakfast & lunch times.

You might be lucky enough to be greeted by the french owners, the Bersani family.

Want to experience a truly sustainable paradise? Come stay with us at Zopango private Island!
See you soon! Hasta pronto! A bientôt! The Bersanis